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Dig is a great coverage move, covering several of Weavile's weaknesses. Also, you can give Brave Bird to Staraptor if you don't mind the recoil. Out of the Water-types available, Gyarados stood out for its offensive stats, while still being bulky, as well as having a secondary Flying typing. It also gets alot of useful moves like Mach Punch with some good coverage. >Surf can be found at Celestic Town. If you get a good Hidden Power (like Grass or Fighting) on Houndoom, you can also use that. Use Crunch if you want more coverage. Look for one with Storm Drain, which improves type resistances even more.

@Flame Plate/Black Sunglasses, Flamethrower: STAB Froslass @ Spell Tag/Never-Melt Ice

Go up the cliff with Rock Climb, and the TM for Ice Beam will be at the opposite end of that area. The Pokemon so far struggle with bulky Ground and Water types (Water especially) and needed a powerful Grass-type to take them on. Steelix (steel and ground) Rock Slide is for coverage against Bug, Flying, Ice and Fire (although I wouldn't recommend that because Torterra is slow, and also it has Earthquake) types. Submit your team as an answer, not a comment. You can give Roserade the Sludge Bomb TM once you have found it at the Galactic Warehouse and the reasoning for using Sludge Bomb is very obvious because it is a strong Poison type move and also it is STAB.

As such, an Icicle Plate can be used at first. You need water/electric like lanturn move discharge, ice beam, surf or hydro pump or brine, ect. Night Slash should be in the third slot, as it is a great coverage move to hit Psychic and Ghost type Pokemon and makes Scizor the ultimate counter to Elite Four Lucian. >Surf can be found at Celestic Town. Lucario boasts amazing offense stats with 110 base Attack and 115 base Special Attack, along with a solid base 90 Speed. Dragon Claw can be accessed pretty early in the game and is strong move to use. HM Surf is well covered by this, as it gets STAB + nice sp. By the way, I use Rapidash, not Roserade. Cut: HM The HM for Fly will be to the right of the entrance. Houndoom, as all know, is an totally incredible special sweeper, with nasty plot to make it able to OHKO almost all of E4's Pokemon. Moves: Earthquake, Flash Cannon, Stone Edge and Rock Smash. Fire Punch/Flamethrower/Psychic/Rock Slide/Signal Beam/Thunder/Thunder Wave. Plus ThunderPunch isn't as powerful and can be nerfed by Intimidate (which Gyarados have, and can be a real pain to deal with). but they are not necessary. you Should try with Lucario (Steel / Fighting), I used lvl 57 Empoleon with dig, drill peck, brine, metal claw, You could get a shaymin the event is on now, Oops sorry just remembered that you need national dex to get shaymin sorry. -Bounce >Thunder Fang can be learned via move re-learner, Luxray Stone Edge: Coverage Plus we need coverage against Ghost and Psychic types soo yeah. If you have a member card i would get darkrai mine is Lvl 66 moves are dark void nightmare dream eater and dark pulse you still can get member card off nintendo wifi connection. Lastly, I will follow up with the ability that I recommend and then finish up with the location that you can receive this Pokemon, and their evolution methods. -Psychic (TM in the Veilstone Game Corner or on Route 211) I tried not to use any moves over level 50 or any late game TMs unless if it was necessary. Stone Edge and Earthquake together form the EdgeQuake combo, which has amazing neutral coverage. >Dig:Electric Type coverage. For the last move, you can choose what you like to round out Houndoom's set. Surf, Flash cannon, Ice Beam, Grass knot. Earthquake is the third move and is a great coverage move to hit Steel type Pokemon with. -Rock Climb. Thunder Fang is STAB. Torterra (Starter)

Look for a Jolly or Adamant nature if you have the patience. As such, Ice Fang is chosen as it is still decent. I can never decide what team I should use. Item: Lax Incense or Amulet Coin. Close Combat/Brick Break: STAB

-Thunder Punch This was the team I had on Platinum, and it worked out pretty well. Extreme-speed is good for finishing off things, like Alakazam or if Floatzel does not completely kill Garchomp. Iron Tail: Coverage. -Earthquake

I would also reccomend a Roserade or Tangrowth. Gallade (Route 208) Rain Dance is also an option if you want to negate his only weakness and benefit a Gastrodon switch-in. (Posin/dark) Spiritomb is good. Torterra is a hard-hitting, but slow Pokémon. Plus I preffered it over recoil damage. Surf is HM and gains STAB. -Crunch, Infernape, Togekiss, Roserade, Vaporeon, Mamoswine, and Luxray, -Flare Blitz/Flamethrower Shuckle (Bug/Rock) is an exelent pokemon with some EV training in Defense and Special Defense, move set with Iron Defense and Toxic.

Attack so I would give Dark Pulse instead of Crunch and Shadow Ball instead of Thunder Fang but still Thunder Fang gives water-coverage. Move Locations:

Crunch The set is physically based, so that could work pretty well. I personally love Platinum, and have beat the Elite 4 multiple times. Crunch offers powerful coverage. @Quick Claw/Miracle Seed/Soft Sand, Wood Hammer: STAB You can evolve Nosepass whenever, but I evolved him just before fighting Byron as it meant I could immediately teach it Flash Cannon. But that feels like overkill to me.

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