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0000044389 00000 n %âãÏÓ Quintus Metellus, whom I, making provision for this,) Tj T* 0.0238 Tc -0.0452 Tw (sent on to the Gallic and Picenian territory, will either overwhelm the man, or will) Tj T* 0.0274 Tc -0.0159 Tw (prevent all his motions and attempts; but with respect to the arrangement of all) Tj 0 -13.68 TD 0.0268 Tc -0.006 Tw (other matters, and maturing and acting on our plans, we shall consult the Senate,) Tj 0 -14.04 TD 0.0164 Tc 0.0536 Tw (which, as you are aware, is convened.)


/Touch-Up_Line<> BDC BT 0 0 0 rg /F0 1 Tf -0.0013 Tc -0.0032 Tw 14.04 0 0 14.04 196.56 559.8 Tm (63 BC)Tj EMC /Touch-Up_Line<> BDC /F1 1 Tf -0.0026 Tc 0.1093 Tw 19.5169 0 0 19.8 34.92 517.68 Tm (THIRD ORATION AGAINST CATILINE)Tj EMC /Touch-Up_Line<> BDC /F2 1 Tf -0.0008 Tc 0.026 Tw 14.8235 0 0 15.12 149.04 487.44 Tm (Marcus Tullius Cicero)Tj EMC /Touch-Up_Line<> BDC -0.0011 Tc -0.0198 Tw 12.96 0 0 12.96 111.96 457.56 Tm (translated by Charles Duke Y)Tj 0 Tc 0 Tw 11.7222 0 Td (onge, A.B. <<

And the consuls ordered it to be so placed; but so great was the de-) Tj T* 0.0141 Tc 0.0441 Tw (lay in the work, that it was never set up by the former consuls, nor by us before) Tj T* 0.0036 Tc -0.6936 Tw (this day.) >> 0 77 0000074945 00000 n << /Font << << 0000019575 00000 n >> Tj 18 -17.64 TD 0.029 Tc -0.019 Tw (There is a last class, last not only in number but in the sort of men and in their) Tj -18 -13.68 TD -0 Tc 0.0729 Tw (way of life; the especial bodyguard of Catiline, of his levying; ay, the friends of) Tj 0 -14.04 TD 0.0053 Tc 0.0524 Tw (his embraces and of his bosom; whom you see with carefully combed hair, glossy,) Tj T* 0.026 Tc -0.0396 Tw (beardless, or with well-trimmed beards; with tunics with sleeves, or reaching to) Tj T* 0.032 Tc -0.074 Tw (the ankles; clothed with veils, not with robes; all the industry of whose life, all the) Tj T* 0.028 Tc -0.01 Tw (labor of whose watchfulness, is expended in suppers lasting till daybreak.) He takes a part in the public deliberations; he is watching and marking down and checking off for slaughter every individual among us. 0000009701 00000 n << 0000007851 00000 n 2597

)Tj EMC /Touch-Up_Line<> BDC EMC ET endstream endobj 78 0 obj 617 endobj xref 0 2 0000000000 65535 f But they, full of noble and) Tj T* 0.022 Tc -0.028 Tw (worthy sentiments toward the republic, without hesitation, and without any delay,) Tj T* 0.0293 Tc -0.0193 Tw (undertook the business, and when it was evening, went secretly to the Mulvian) Tj 0 -13.68 TD 0.0341 Tc -0.1333 Tw (bridge, and there so distributed themselves in the nearest villas, that the Tiber and) Tj 0 -14.04 TD 0.0152 Tc 0.0609 Tw (the bridge was between them. endobj 0000048707 00000 n endobj endobj Tj 18 -17.64 TD 0.0328 Tc -0.0574 Tw (There is a fourth class, various, promiscuous, and turbulent; who indeed are) Tj -18 -14.04 TD 0.0165 Tc 0.0495 Tw (now overwhelmed; who will never recover themselves; who, partly from indo-) Tj 0 -14.04 TD -0.0081 Tc 0.1144 Tw (lence, partly from managing their affairs badly, partly from extravagance, are em-) Tj T* 0.03 Tc -0.011 Tw (barrassed by old debts; and worn out with bail-bonds, and judgments, and) Tj 0 -13.68 TD 0.0271 Tc -0.0155 Tw (seizures of their goods, are said to be betaking themselves in numbers to that) Tj 0 -14.04 TD 0.0119 Tc 0.0341 Tw (camp both from the city and the country.

/WhitePoint [0.9643 1 0.8251 ]

BT 18 579.96 TD 0 0 0 rg /F2 11.88 Tf 0.0211 Tc 0.0189 Tw (tampering with the Allobroges would never have taken place, so important a mat-) Tj 0 -13.68 TD 0.0196 Tc 0.0184 Tw (ter would never have been so madly intrusted, by Lentulus and the rest of our in-) Tj 0 -14.04 TD 0.0235 Tc -0.0153 Tw (ternal enemies, to strangers and foreigners, such letters would never have been) Tj T* 0.0199 Tc 0.0101 Tw (written, unless all prudence had been taken by the immortal gods from such terri-) Tj T* 0.0035 Tc 0.0265 Tw (ble audacity. As for me, myself, what is there which) Tj T* 0.0036 Tc 0.1293 Tw (now can be gained by me for the enjoyment of life, especially when neither in) Tj ET endstream endobj << >> /Parent 28 0 R

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