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Vernon's attempt to enter the catering business causes a power blackout. Vernon and David attempt to broker peace and find themselves held at gunpoint as a shocking case of fraud comes to light. Wartime memories are stirred when an ex-soldier comes to the area for a holiday. Sergeant Blaketon becomes preoccupied with the activities of the football club for which he is president. ITV3 | Monday, 23 March 2020 | 07:55. She is secretly visited by her boyfriend Gary who has a suspended sentence. A local busybody takes a shine to Bernie, whilst Bellamy gains a new admirer. Bellamy brings a little happiness into a troubled boy's life. Elsewhere, Tom causes a traffic jam when Craddock allows him to prove himself, whilst Tricia makes a confession to Gina about her feelings for Mike, and Ventress's sanity is tested when he is forced to spend time with his wife's aunt on her birthday. He later uncovers a complicated situation, and is reminded of his past as he tries to help a desperate father conceal a devastating secret from his son. Two children from a school outing think they are being dutiful by stalking him.

Meanwhile, Greengrass believes that he has unearthed his fortune. David becomes a local hero for intervening in an armed robbery at a dinner party, and his newfound celebrity status affects his work. Rob finds evidence that could convict a major underworld figure but would also implicate his father. A woman confronts her husband about his gambling, which escalates catastrophically. An elderly man reports an unusual break-in, in which a mysterious statue was left on his kitchen table. Meanwhile, an exasperated David leaves Peggy to run the taxi business whilst he becomes a window cleaner's assistant. A witness claims that Graham assaulted a DJ at the village hall dance, but Graham says he was preventing the sale of drugs. When Stringer's son disappears, the police investigate David Stockwell but it is an opportunistic criminal who makes the ransom demand.

Eric Sykes makes a guest appearance. A truck Bernie recently repaired careens into a garden, causing his sanity to be questioned by an opportunistic journalist. Vernon and David are involved in a serious road accident whilst driving a, Jenny is delighted when her younger brother Steve visits and secures him a job, but her excitement soon turns to despair when she notices what the local vicar is growing in his greenhouse. Elsewhere, Merton's latest crime-prevention initiative is poorly received by Bellamy and Ventress. Rob clashes with Blaketon while deciding whether to charge an ex-army major who fatally shot a young burglar. Ashfordly Hall opens its doors to the public as Vernon takes charge of a touring business, but an 80-year-old art thief takes the opportunity for one last job. Bellamy plays Father Christmas at the pub raffle. The disappearance is solved after Patricia collapses. Nick discovers the complicated history behind a well-dressed woman and her romance with a member of the community. Kate tries to convince a desperate woman of the dangers of an illegal abortion. Mike works with Scotland Yard to stop the theft of a valuable horse from local trainer Kieron Doyle. The police learn that a wedding is to be disrupted, and suspect an ex-boyfriend. A surge in recreational drug use leads to an overdose and the robbery of a surgery with Dr. Ferrenby critically injured. A tidy burglar does his rounds in the village. With an opportunity for promotion, Craddock is uncertain if he wishes to leave his team. At Ashfordly station, Joe and Dawson investigate the suspected suicide of a local teacher. Blaketon and Jack are at risk when they stand in his way of getting it back. Meanwhile, a notorious burglar dies, devastating his wife and driving his children to follow in his footsteps. Bernie persuades Greengrass to go into the, Jackie's parents disapprove of her marriage and tempt her to move to South Africa. Meanwhile, Peggy buys an ice-cream van to take advantage of the hot weather and leaves David in charge of the venture whilst she attends a. Peggy is put in charge of the. Merton isn't happy at the prospects of dozens of dangerous drivers when Aidensfield hosts a prestigious. An ex-convict returns to Aidensfield to reform, but she is soon visited by an unwelcome part of her prison past. A biker gang arrives in town, bringing romance for Rosie.

The Ashfordly police hunt for a modern-day Robin Hood the nightclub that same night, as does an angry Peggy. Gloria asks Claude and David to move some of her belongings. Helen plays her husband at his own games. Greengrass enrages Blaketon by standing bail for a notorious burglar. Blaketon fears Gina and Bellamy's grief is pushing them apart. Joe discovers Rosie's fate and risks everything to stop the same thing happening to Carol. Meanwhile, Vernon is visited by an old flame pays who wants him to sell her engagement ring, but she is followed by her menacing husband.
Greengrass sets up a pool competition. Dawson and Younger recapture an escaped convict. Meanwhile, Peggy receives an inheritance from a distant relative of her late husband. Gina struggles to cope and considers returning to Liverpool. A man arrives with the wrong luggage, which reveals a family secret. The police investigate thefts from a fur factory. The police suspect Hal of drug trafficking, but can't obtain a phone tapping permit. David Lonsdale David Stockwell 132 Episodes (2003-2020) Vanessa Hehir Rosie Cartwright 127 Episodes (2005-2020) Steven Blakeley Geoff Younger 124 Episodes (2005-2020) Peggy buys a racing greyhound that refuses to run.

Meanwhile, Blaketon and Peggy create competing. Meanwhile, David causes trouble when he takes up photography and catches the villagers in compromising positions. Meanwhile, David takes charge of the taxi service whilst Vernon is pre-occupied with another disastrous scheme, and deals with sick children, snakes, and elderly shoplifters. The police station's reputation comes under scrutiny when evidence suggests that someone from within the force is responsible for a string of burglaries. He manages to escape, and becomes a suspect when his girlfriend is attacked in their home. Gina proves she is serious about marrying Bellamy by signing over the licence of the pub to Blaketon. As the villagers mourn Tricia, a grief-stricken Mike loses his temper with an underage drinker and is assaulted. Meanwhile, Vernon is stalked by a donkey and tries to open a donkey sanctuary, failing to realize that the village already has one. David witnesses a man thrown from a moving train, which leads to Steve foiling an armed robbery at Ashfordly Hall and an escaped convict loose in Aidensfield. Aidensfield is terrorised by a sniper, who murders Liz's ex-boyfriend, a married doctor with whom she'd had an affair. Meanwhile, Peggy's illegal cigarettes cause trouble for Younger due to an unexpected ingredient. Tricia turns to Mike for support as she faces disciplinary action for supplying contraceptives to teenage girls, and further trouble from an investigative reporter. Blaketon and Kate work together to investigate the robbers. A gang of ageing villains attempt a glorious crime spree when the villagers leave Aidensfield. Meanwhile, Peggy is caught with stolen property, feigns amnesia and is hospitalised. Mike learns of a plan to rob a shipment of gold bullion, but a CID ambush fails due to a mix-up with the location. Vernon searches for a suitable residence, and becomes a suspect when bronze figures are stolen immediately after he views a mansion. Businessman Adrian Miller is accused of rape and bail conditions prevent him from returning to London, causing him displeasure with his assigned solicitor, Jackie. Mike provides a. The hooligan walks free due to favour from a local magistrate, and a blackmail plot is uncovered. The team investigate the murder of an ex-army recluse and archaeological enthusiast which may involve a building dispute. He discovers his wife is pregnant by another man and seeks revenge. Rob awaits the results of his sergeant's exam, and finds himself caught in a love triangle with Carol and Dawson. Meanwhile, Vernon tries to impress Lord Ashfordly by organising the event's toilet facilities, but finds the requirements exceed his plans. Ex-convict Ray Nixon returns to Aidensfield.

Blaketon lends his expertise to the case, and is consequently fighting for his life. A young arsonist's rehabilitation is threatened when he is accused of a series of arson attacks, complicated by his clandestine relationship with a former employer's daughter. An unpopular master hunter's den is targeted by arson, and suspects include Lord Ashfordly, a kennelman threatened with dismissal and a farmer whose land was severely damaged. Meanwhile, David comes into some money and buys an old Jeep with a surprising military history. A. Vernon becomes a bodyguard, hired by Ashfordly to protect a Russian guest, Prince Nikolas. Steve and the rest of the team investigate sports car thefts. Meanwhile, David's plan to throw Peggy a birthday party are rejected so that she can date an old flame who reappears after 20 years. A bank manager finds the clocks in his home have been set two hours back, part of a campaign of harassment that escalates into a bank robbery and an astonishing admission. A schoolgirl witness a shooting on the moor. Alcohol and drugs are consumed, leading to Louise almost dying, but she is saved by Dr. Summerbee who has taken over Neil's old practice. Miller is unimpressed when Younger's bicycle is stolen and orders him to make more arrests. Meanwhile, Vernon is enjoying his new-found wealth and invites himself to join Blaketon at a fundraiser for an old people's home. Merton clashes with an old adversary who reveals information about the circumstances of his demotion from CID. Meanwhile, Vernon, Bernie and David become over-competitive when they enter a poetry contest.

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