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The user noted that the film would star Kate Hudson in the role her mother previously portrayed, and Anne Hathaway in Meryl Streep’s former role. Robert Downey Jr. will reportedly take on the man who falls for his wife’s best friend. Whatever the case, in Zemeckis’ hands it has become something markedly different, inching into gaudy Tim Burton territory; like that equally erratic Hollywood fantasist, Zemeckis has trouble getting a handle on the story’s diabolically tricky tone and a tendency to pour on the grotesque visual flourishes in lieu of real vision or meaning. He is the author of the book “FilmCraft: Editing” and serves as chair of the National Society of Film Critics and secretary of the Los Angeles Film Critics Assn.

Endorsement: The Times endorses Hoffman, Anderson, Henderson and Han for LACCD. The movie is absent from the profile pages for Robert Downey Jr., Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, and Lady Gaga. The original film followed a novelist (Hawn) who loses her husband (Willis) to her former best friend and celebrated movie star (Streep). Marge Champion, a longtime dancer, Emmy-winning choreographer and motion reference for Disney’s “Snow White,” dies at 101. Mostly it was due to the spectacularly vampy Huston: Pouring haughty imperiousness and murderous glee into a bosom-heaving black dress, she gave a hoot of a star turn that also happened to be one of her most fully realized performances. FilmJunkie — a page with about 100 thousand followers — was quick to share the news, as was While the rumor could be possible — and in very early stages — IMDb is often usually quick to include movies that have been announced on their actor profile pages. And as in Dahl’s novel, they have disquieting physical characteristics that they take great pains to conceal: sharp claws, toeless feet, enlarged nostrils that help them sniff out children (who reek of dog poop, naturally) and bald heads that they cover with hats and wigs. The tale is of course endlessly transplantable, because it posits that in just about every town and country in the world, witches are a very real and very dangerous threat. How Credible Is the 'Death Becomes Her' Remake Rumor Reportedly Starring Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Lady Gaga, and Robert Downey Jr.? Let’s start again. The movie is absent from the profile pages for Robert Downey Jr., Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, and Lady Gaga. And she takes particular delight in dressing down the obsequious hotel manager — who, being played by Stanley Tucci, briefly calls to mind an alternate-dimension “The Devil Wears Prada” sequel in which a resurgent, homicidal Hathaway has effectively vaporized Meryl Streep. Congressional research arm to probe Latino employment trends in entertainment industry. Never condescending to the material or using overt comedy to blunt its spell, she slipped into Dahl’s unsettling, boldly preposterous story as if it were the most plausible thing in the world. Once again it gives us a gluttonous boy sidekick named Bruno (Codie-Lei Eastick), a mice-in-the-kitchen plot that now plays like leftover “Ratatouille” and a clever comeuppance for all those witches, even if most of them seem like dull, dead-eyed automatons rather than a child’s worst nightmare. In early July, a Facebook user took to the social media platform claiming that a Death Becomes Her remake was in the works. Both reports noted the remake report as a rumor, avoiding giving too much clout to the relatively unknown source origin. ', Secrets of The Lion King revealed as Disney classic gets live-action remake, How Kirk Douglas Risked It All to Break Hollywood's Blacklist: 'That's the Thing I'm Most Proud of', Love Island viewers convinced Mike Boateng and Leanne Amaning have already had sex. The situation isn’t looking too promising for a Death Becomes Her remake. 90 Day Fiance: Ariela and Biniyam argue over car seat when it's time to take baby home, Shia Labeouf Lied To His Dad About Mel Gibson Playing Him in 'Honey Boy'.

As of now, this film is still a rumor — a dream that seems perfect but feels out of reach. The frenemies wind up head-to-head when they stumble upon a mysterious elixir granting eternal youth and beauty. But despite a few flashes of novelty (including vocal turns by Chris Rock and Kristin Chenoweth, who’s a long way from “Wicked”), “The Witches” is pretty thin brew by comparison, concocted from mostly secondhand ingredients. Home » Movies » How Credible Is the 'Death Becomes Her' Remake Rumor Reportedly Starring Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Lady Gaga, and Robert Downey Jr.? As of now, this film is still a rumor — a dream that seems perfect but feels out of reach. If she can’t touch Huston in the role — and truth be told, I doubt anyone could — it isn’t for lack of trying in a movie that consistently strains for effect. Coronation Street’s Julia Goulding reveals fan backlash over ‘new Shona’ after her brain injury, 'Gilmore Girls' Made a Subtle Nod to Adam Brody Leaving the Show for 'The O.C. Giger’s Alien and dons more crazy blond wigs than Moira Rose. Anne Hathaway in the new film adaptation of “The Witches.”, Stanley Tucci and Octavia Spencer in the movie “The Witches.”, Children are transformed into mice in the movie “The Witches.”. While fans of the original Death Becomes Her would surely enjoy a remake with such an incomparable cast, it’s not yet time to get excited. Because “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” worked so well, TV brass are resurrecting another classic supernatural flick and giving it the small-screen series treatment. Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn hold nothing back in this treasured entry in the queer canon. FilmJunkie — a page with about 100 thousand followers — was quick to share the news, as was Is the leak credible, or is the reported dream cast just that: a pipedream?

Remaking ‘The Witches’ for 2020: How the HBO Max film updates Roald Dahl’s classic story. Where to vote.

The last time Anne Hathaway opened her mouth as freakishly wide onscreen as she does in “The Witches,” she was unleashing a torrent of song and preparing for a date with Oscar in “Les Misérables.” In that movie, she played a downtrodden saint with Joan of Arc hair; in this one, she’s gone fully bald and fully evil as the Grand High Witch, a child-stomping demon-sorceress who shrieks and snarls in an accent somewhere between Greta Garbo and Natasha Fatale. She makes a ridiculous yet undeniably memorable monster, with the help of an ear-to-ear Glasgow smile that might remind you of the Joker or Ichi the Killer, at least until she opens up a sharp-toothed maw apparently on loan from Tom Hardy in “Venom.”. Here's how much money she makes from brands and how she balances 2 jobs. Robert Downey Jr. will reportedly take on the man who falls for his wife’s best friend. That hotel is staffed by Black employees who attend to a conspicuously wealthy white clientele, one of several stabs at racial subtext that ultimately feel vague and underdeveloped here. Robert Zemeckis’ new take on ‘The Witches’ spotlights Octavia Spencer, Anne Hathaway and some contemporary twists. “Borat” star Sacha Baron Cohen said on “Good Morning America” that he was concerned for actress Maria Bakalova during her scene with Rudy Giuliani. As of now, the ‘Death Becomes Her’ remake seems like a fabrication Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and other notable sources have yet to share the news, and these three sources, in particular, are known for leaking movie information as soon as it becomes available and credible. Following this Facebook post, a few other digital media sites and social media presences followed suit on the report. 'After We Collided' Is Finally Available To Americans; Where Can You Watch It? DAVID CAY JOHNSTON: Will Donald Trump go from West Wing to Sing Sing? She makes this grandmother a steadying force, whether she’s using her own personal remedies (a little Four Tops, a little cornbread) to console her grieving grandson or spiriting him off to a hotel by the sea when a witch (Josette Simon) rears her head in their neighborhood. It is all here.

Hathaway is clearly aiming for a similar peak of lip-smacking, vowel-butchering serio-comic villainy here. Travis Scott, PlayStation Partner for Creative Collaboration, Kanye West Refuses to Release Nicki Minaj Collab ‘New Body’ Because It’s ‘Generic S**t’. Ahem. Denver Film Fest 2020 shares some compelling Colorado stories. While the movie did not premiere to rave critical reviews, it has become a cult classic over the years, which would make for quite the highly-anticipated reboot. Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ Editor Starts Her Own Publishing Firm, Jill Duggar Got An Attorney Involved After Claiming She Didn’t Get Paid For ‘Counting On’, Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Thumbs Up In Recovery Photo After Undergoing Heart Surgery. Rated: PG, for scary images/moments, language and thematic elementsRunning time: 1 hour, 44 minutesPlaying: Available Oct. 22 on HBO Max. When a woman learns of an immortality treatment, she sees it as a way to outdo her … Directed by Robert Zemeckis.

Rumor has it that Death Becomes Her – the 1992 campy comedy starring Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep, and Bruce Willis — will return to the silver screen. Prompted by the House Oversight Committee and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the Government Accountability Office agreed this week to study Latino hiring in entertainment. Commentary: Why my private, eerie ‘Tenet’ experience in Montana gives me hope for movie theaters. California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. Review: ‘Lupin III: The First’ is a fun 3DCG adventure where an anime icon beats up Nazis. Since “The Witches of Eastwick” worked so well – – hang on, got a call from Nielsen….. Scratch that. For the first time since COVID shutdowns, and the first time since retirement, former Times critic Kenneth Turan sees a movie, Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” in a theater. The story’s unnamed boy protagonist (played by Jahzir Bruno) learns all this from his grandmother (Octavia Spencer), who has become his guardian following his parents’ untimely deaths. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Speaking of Streep: For much of this movie you may find yourself hoping that Zemeckis might somehow recapture the entrancingly macabre spirit of “Death Becomes Her,” still one of his greatest pictures and one of the few in which his flair for ever more outlandish visual effects feels perfectly in sync with the story he’s telling. How to vote. The Times endorses one incumbent and three newcomers for the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees.

Death Becomes Her (1992), available July 1 on HBO. Following this Facebook post, a few other digital media sites and social media presences followed suit on the report.

The complete list of L.A. Times’ endorsements in the November 2020 election.

Yet, the immortality drug is not without its drawbacks, leading to moments of outrageous physical comedy and witty one-liners.

Here are the Los Angeles Times’ editorial board endorsements for president, California ballot measures and more.

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