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Twitter: For spicy foods that are often hard to pair with wine, choose a Gewurztraminer with rich, round notes or a touch of residual sugar. Allrecipes has more than 20 trusted Gewurtztraminer wine pairing recipes complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips. Enjoy! This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Serve with tabbouleh, pita bread and olives for a wonderful feast. It is also paired with Chinese food recipes, rice recipes, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, squash recipes, beef with coconut milk curry, chicken curry, lamb curry, Moo Shoo pork, pad Thai, moussaka, Thai food, and Japanese food. I have left all the links in the Description below. You can use chicken, pork, beef, tofu, or a combination. Try it with grilled pork and pineapple and let the wine play with the sweet and savory flavors. And these two won’t be getting bored with each other any time soon. The Honest Cooking editorial team handpicks inspiring culinary stories to…. Does the pairing work? Naw, nobody did!

But that is just not the case!

I glazed a ham for Thanksgiving with this, and my company couldn't get enough of it. Reddit: This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Actual pronunciation of the word Gewurztraminer is ‘ga-VERTZ-trah-MEE-ner’. These grapes have a light-pink to red skin, which makes them apt for preparing white wine. Locally, it’s served with the pungent cheese, Munster (Stinking Bishop, produced in the UK, has a similar resemblance), but it goes equally well with blue cheeses such as blue stilton and hard salty ones such as aged gouda. This wine is typically spicy and very aromatic. It is best served with fresh Naan bread and Jasmine or Basmati rice. Look for the more exotic items in the Asian foods section at your local grocery store. You can also enjoy it with artichokes, which are one of the more challenging wine pairing foods. Most Gewürztraminer is produced as a low quality grocery store sweet wine, so when you’re buying look for smaller producers in specialty wine stores or online. The Telegraph’s Suzie Atkins calls it “a dazzling match for certain dishes such as Thai curries with coriander, coconut milk and lemon-grass or Chinese sweet-and-sour chicken.”.

This wine is just the motivation you need to finally really master homemade curry! So easily! I know I am stating the obvious, but this dessert is sensational! There is a widely held consensus that Alsace makes the best gewurztraminer of all – and it is no wonder because this wine was born in Alsace. The balance of flavours is key. Similar to Pinot Noir food pairing, the Gewurztraminer can be paired with terrine foie gras, duck or goose liver pates, smoked oysters, smoked salmon recipes, smoked trout, smoked chicken, oyster stew, various fish recipes like mahi mahi, grilled halibut, monkfish, sole, red snapper, swordfish, baked sturgeon, grilled shrimp, grilled scallops, seafood brochette, and other seafoods. At the southern end of the region lies the village of Guebwiller and the grands crus vineyards of Kessler and Kitterlé. And stick around until the end to discover the secret to pairing white aromatic wines such as this Gewurztraminer white wine, with food! But because of the heightened aromatics, higher alcohol, and lower acidity, many Gewürz taste sweeter than they actually are. While Gewürztraminer wine has many similarities to Moscato it also has higher alcohol, more striking aromatics and lower acidity. A tradition of respecting Nature. The main wine producing regions are Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Ukraine. To add another twist, add fresh chopped apples and pecans to the blue cheese mixture. Watch the video to find out why! The aromas and flavors are a delight to the senses! This is a rich recipe. How to Make a Pink Squirrel Drink at Home That Tastes Perfect, 10 Popular Peach Schnapps Mixed Drink Recipes That’ll Leave You Sated, The Best Almond Butter Substitute Ideas (Including Nut-Free Options), Need a Cocoa Butter Substitute? Your email address will not be published. Nearby is the south-facing Zinnkoepfé vineyard renowned for its richly flavoured wines. In this guide you will learn how Gewürztraminer wine tastes, where it comes from, and food pairing recommendations that will blow your mind. If you’ve never smelled lychee – canned or fresh – then this aroma will be more like ‘sweet rose.’ The lychee aroma is usually so intense, it’s one of Gewürztraminer’s ‘tells’ in a blind tasting. You will never forget it. Generally, Gewürztraminer have a gram or two of residual sugar (RS). There is no meat in this recipe. They are usually dry or off-dry, but with a cleansing fruitiness and the classic characteristics of the grape. Whether you’re bringing wine to a barbecue, ordering spicy takeout or cooking a new recipe at home, take a bottle of Gewurztraminer along for the ride. Pairing food with Gewurztraminer Wine. But when invited to flirt with food, aromatic white wines seek intensity and like to play games best described as bold. We hope you are enjoying Tastessence! Alsace Gewurztraminer has enough kick to match flavorful dishes while cooling down the heat factor. Middle Eastern and Moroccan cuisine, both utilizing nuts and dried fruits with roasted meats, are great examples of the types of cuisine to enjoy with Gewürztraminer wine. But this ignores its enormous potential for nuance and complexity. It is a delightful beverage with many interesting characteristics.

Write down this wine for football season and remember to pair it with your hot wings during halftime.

Today we are pairing a dry Gewürztraminer wine from the Trentino-Alto Adige, in Italy, with baklava, the most popular traditional dessert in the Eastern Mediterranean. This is a Pad Thai recipe I got from a restaurant. Does the pairing work? These vineyards, too, nurture magnificent Alsatian gewurztraminer wines with dense, spicy character and steely acidity. This pairing is a little unexpected, like a marriage between Prince Charming and Scheherazade from Arabian Nights. Be sure, when filling the chops, not to stuff it too full, or the meat will be done cooking before the cheese has had a chance to melt. The wonderful national noodle dish of Thailand, it is now served in many trendy restaurants. Its power and aromatic weight means it can be as satisfying as many a red wine when it comes to pairing with meat.

Actual pronunciation of the word Gewurztraminer is ‘ga-VERTZ-trah-MEE-ner’.

This is the perfect bottle to take to the next cookout you are invited to, even if you aren’t sure what will be on the menu. Demanding know-how associated with a touch of audacity. However, it is also consumed as a dessert wine. You might be surprised to know that there’s actually not that much Gewürztraminer in the world. For every one vine of Gewürztraminer there are 30 vines of Cabernet Sauvignon and 4 vines of Riesling. Looking for recipes to serve with Gewurtztraminer? Watch the video to find out why! This is a recipe for those who like it HOT, if you can't handle the heat, go easy on the chile sauce. I was out of ham by the next day! The thin skin and unique taste of these grapes, make this wine distinctly sweet and high in alcohol levels. Remember, those who drink get drunk. Further north, the pretty village of Bergheim is home to the clay and limestone-rich Altenberg and Kanzlerberg grands crus.

Pay attention to words like “Grand Cru”, a vineyard designation, and “Haut-Rhin”, an area with higher number of Grand Cru vineyards. Easy and elegant enough for the in-laws. Remember, as with all things classed as ‘bold’ and ‘forward’, you won’t know if you like it or not, until you try it. ABC dish and wine pairings Basic principles to pair your dishes with the right wine Gourmet files The best of each season with the Great Whites! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Try it with less stinky and delicately flavored soft cow’s milk cheese and dried fruit. For the record, it’s pronounced with a hard G (ge-vertz-trah-meen-er), and there are very few other wines in the world that can claim the epithet “once tried, never forgotten” with quite the same conviction. Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre Wine and Salmon Salad:, [WineScribble Wine & Food Playlist]

Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Whether it’s dry, off-dry or medium dry, one of Alsatian gewurztraminer’s major attractions is its compatibility with fragrant and spicy foods. So first, let’s look at our delicious dessert, baklava.

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