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i just red velvet color coded

yeogi namgyeojeo teong bin idaero (Oh ah-y-ah), Ah-y-ah y-ah y-ah y-ah-y ajik bami goyeoinneun nae bang hanguseogen Yeah dashi himkkeot dallyeoga (Yeah yeah yeah), Ah-y-ah y-ah y-ah y-ah-y Red Velvet - I Just Lyrics Red Velvet (레드벨벳) Romanization, Korean, Translation. 아직 밤이 고여있는 내 방 한구석엔 Yeah I just leave I I just (Ah oh yeah), Ah-y-ah y-ah y-ah y-ah-y han jogakjogak buseojineun 미로 속에서 헤매다 어긋나 버린 걸까, 아직 끝나지 않은 이야기 I’m swallowing it up, feels like I could burst Eng: pop!gasa It remains here, empty like this, When I close my eyes, it gets slow Ah-y-ah y-ah y-ah y-ah-y My old and dusty, small bag, I blowed on it, touching the old scars 더 지치지 않게 So long so long, 이 길 끝에서 우리는 만날 수 있을까 (Whoa)

I just leave I I just (I leave it all behind), ajik kkeunnaji aneun iyagi chajanaen yeolswe ijeya gyeou geu mameul yeoreo, jigeum naege deo piryohan geon eodum kkeut haega tteuneun sori This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s still nighttime in a corner of my room miro sogeseo hemaeda eogeunna beorin geolkka, ajik kkeunnaji aneun iyagi I’m running again, Korean: music.naver 다시 힘껏 달려가 (Yeah yeah yeah), I hear the sun rising after the darkness 가득 머금어 터질 것 같이 찾아낸 열쇠 이제야 겨우 그 맘을 열어, 지금 내게 더 필요한 건 On my lips, the flow, your name yeogi namgyeojeo teong bin idaero, 어둠 끝 해가 뜨는 소리 낡고 먼지 쌓인 작고 작은 가방 하나, 후후 불어 오래된 상처를 꼭 보듬고 Is a pair of shoes to take me away somewhere Piece by piece, it’s breaking down

eodingaro deryeoda jul shinbal hanappun 한 조각조각 부서지는 여기 남겨져 텅 빈 이대로 (Oh ah-y-ah), 눈을 감으면 Slow 또 너의 목소리 Ah-y-ah y-ah y-ah y-ah-y (Want you) This story isn’t over yet 너의 숨결이 너의 미소가 다시 내게로 닿아

I just leave I I just leave I (I don’t have anybody) info: music.naver, ‘So I won’t heart, so I won’t stop’ i think that should be ‘So I won’t hurt’? Rom: CCL Did we miss each other in this maze? neoye sumkkyeori neoye misoga dashi naegero daa Will we meet at the end of this road? I found the key, finally I’m opening the heart, What I need more right now I just leave I I just, nuneul gameumyeon Slow tto neoye moksori ajik bami goyeoinneun nae bang hanguseogen Yeah, nalkko meonji ssain jakko jageun gabang hana, huhu bureo oraedwen sangcheoreul kkok bodeumgo, chajanaen yeolswe ijeya gyeou geu mameul yeoreo, i gil kkeuteseo urineun mannal su isseulkka, miro sogeseo hemaeda eogeunna beorin geolkka, neoye sumkkyeori neoye misoga dashi naegero daa, LOONA (이달의 소녀) – Star (Voice English Ver. gadeuk meogeumeo teojil geot gachi 어딘가로 데려다 줄 신발 하나뿐 Your voice, your breath, your smile comes to me again ^^. Color coded Lyrics Ah-y-ah y-ah y-ah y-ah-y 아프지 않게 멈추지 않게

I just leave I I just leave I So I won’t get more tired, so long so long. ). apeuji anke meomchuji anke nalkko meonji ssain jakko jageun gabang hana, huhu bureo oraedwen sangcheoreul kkok bodeumgo Learn how your comment data is processed. I just leave I I just leave I (Yeah I leave it all behind) deo jichiji anke So long so long, i gil kkeuteseo urineun mannal su isseulkka (Whoa) So I won’t hurt, so I won’t stop 나의 입술에 Flow 또 너의 그 이름 naye ipsure Flow tto neoye geu ireum

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