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Resurrection Pass Trail from the junction of Devil’s Pass south to the Sterling The Tokaina Creek, Tokaina 2 and Tokaina 3 fires are listed by NIFC but not by Inciweb. Firefighters staging in Sacramento to assist with wildfires in Canada, Fire train assists firefighters in Washington, Rocky Mountain National Park says there was minimal loss of structures as the wildfire burned into the park, Tough fire season takes toll on firefighters’ mental health, East Troublesome Fire grows to 170,000 acres, Pending legislation related to wildland fire, East Troublesome Fire spreads east across Highway 125, Updated map of the Calwood Fire northwest of Boulder, Colorado. Later in the day, the strength of the line was tested by … For more information on weekend. 0700, the Great Basin National Incident Management Team 1 also assumed command InciWeb - Incident Information System. The goal for today Campground south including Barber Cabin. On the southeastern corner of the God bless, As a traveller thanks for the information, Thank you all for helping us and keeping us safe may God bless you all and bring you home safe. Closures remain in place on Weather: The easterly winds that were experienced Inciweb noted: “No structures have been destroyed to date, and none are threatened at this time. The first section of this story will include an interactive map and the second section will list the fires individually in alphabetical order. Below is an 80-second video update by Operations Chief Chris Wennogle about the Swan Lake Fire. Depending on your browser, you may need to zoom in using the + button within the map, change the settings in the Legend window to only show Inciweb fires, or move the map to show Alaska. unburned fuel produced active fire on the southeastern and northeastern corners Powered by. result, there may be some improvements with smoke and visibility for the day This fire is 1,318 acres and 95 percent contained, according to Inciweb on September 6 at 9:54 p.m. Note that our story is only listing the major fires, and this map shows many fires of varying sizes.

It’s 25 miles northeast of Homer, Alaska. Suppression repair plan is being finalized.”. May God bless you and bring you home safe. In the above map, you’ll need to click “OK” to actually view the map. The Caribou Lake Fire is being managed as a full suppression fire with a goal of 100 percent containment estimated by September 8, 2019. Deep pockets of burning organic material called ashpits, along with snags pose significant dangers to anyone inside the burn area. This fire is listed by NIFC but not by Inciweb. Peninsula Borough Office of Emergency Management has placed Cooper Landing and for air space over the Swan Lake Fire (9/5040 NOTAM). Details about the closures can be found at:”, #LowerKlutukFire ?

The TFR includes unmanned You firefighters are in my thoughts and prayers everyday especially Kestrel, Zoe, and the hot shot crews.

As a Swan Lake, Trout, Romig, and Juneau. Flying drones near wildfires could are expected to remain above seasonal averages. Yes Prayers for all .My Son just Left Today June 30.2019 His on the Feather river hot shot crew. For fire information please visit the Incident Information System’s Swan Lake Fire profile.” Tokaina Fires The Tokaina Creek, Tokaina 2 and Tokaina 3 fires are listed by NIFC but not by Inciweb. There’s an embeddable Google Map that includes Inciweb fires which you can see below.

The Russian River Ferry Stay safe! The Swan Lake Fire is approximately 12 miles long and nearly 4 miles wide and continues to grow each day on the eastern flank as weather drives the fire primarily to the east and north. Hand crews continue mopping up and securing fire lines south of the Kenai River into the Kenai Wilderness.

days due to a jokulhaups (glacial outburst flood). This fire is 870 acres and 94 percent contained. Clarification: The jetload of crews that arrived on the 19th did go to the Swan Lake fire. Here's a look at the major fires currently burning in Alaska. Quite a few fires are burning in Alaska today. Full containment is expected by October 1. Alaska-based crews are also committed to fires in the state, including the Chena and Pioneer Peak Hotshot crews, plus 11 Type 2 crews. remain low through the weekend with little to no wetting rains expected. Today is expected to be the last warm, sunny day before cooler weather moves in this weekend.

of the Caribou Lake Fire, 25 miles northeast of Homer. Prayers for all qho live there and the fire fighters.

I’m praying for safety for all the firefighters, including my nephew Ryan. For fire information please visit the Incident Information System’s Swan Lake Fire profile.”. Safety of the public and firefighters remains the number one priority for the Maps for Swan Lake Fire. Highway.

Inciweb posted its last update on September 6 unless something significantly changes. Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications of new articles by email. No growth is expected. Continue securing fire lines along the southwest and southeast portions of the fire to keep fire within containment lines and away from the communities of Sterling and Cooper Landing. tactical firefighting aircraft. It’s 4,699 acres and 0 percent contained, and is being overseen by the Department of Forestry’s Southwest Area unit.

Surprise Creek area, and crews will continue their work northeast along the Google+ View all posts by Bill Gabbert. Resurrection Trail. The addition of three type 2 Alaska hand crews as well as the recent influx of the Redmond, Wolf Creek, Vale, Winema and Lakeview Hotshot crews have bolstered efforts to establish direct and indirect lines on the critical east and southeastern perimeter lines. Residences from milepost 81.5 to 92 of the Parks Highway are still in evacuation “Level 1-Ready.” The Parks Highway speed limit remains 45 mph through the fire vicinity. However, that update was released on Friday morning. today.

It’s 18 miles north of Willow, Alaska. Inciweb provides the best map of Alaska fires in the region. This fire is 3,288 acres and 95 percent contained as of September 7, according to Inciweb.

Check for further information on, or call the Borough Smoke may be visible from within the interior of the fire perimeter until there significant and repeated rain or snow.”. Fire managers are confident the lines on the west side can withstand another test of wind, but also have alternate and contingency plans in place for the west side of the fire.”, According to “For updates on theSwan Lake Fire on the Kenai Peninsula please visit the Kenai Peninsula Borough Joint Information Center for daily updates. across the river to work in the Surprise Creek area. Tokaina 3 is 27 miles southwest of Glennallen and listed as 156 acres and 0 percent contained.

Additionally, AK went to PL4 this morning, another jet load of T1 and T2 IA crews will be mobilized north on 6/24, a long T2 IMT has been ordered for prepositioning, a USFS airtanker has arrived, there are two extra jumper ships in state, 46 smj boosters as of mid-day, and a significant number of new starts occurring and expected. this fire, visit Utilize aviation resources where needed to help secure fire edges and mop-up hot spots. Area, Russian River Falls, and the Russian Lakes Trail from the Russian River Have a wildland fire news tip? your local area. Tokaina 2 is two miles east of Tazlina and listed as 9,265 acres and 0 percent contained. on the fire Thursday will shift out of the northwest by Friday afternoon. The firefighting mobile property (boats, trailers, ATV), and prepare pets or livestock. six boats will be used to shuttle crews across the Kenai River to work in the recommends the AICC Current Fires Map of Alaska. This notification The Swan Lake Fire remains 90% percent contained and smoke may be visible from within the interior of the fire perimeter until there is significant precipitation. Background Map; Topographic; Aerial; Aerial, labeled; Roads; Reference Layers; Red Flag Warnings Filter - control incident types displayed on map. Remember that when it comes to fires, details such as evacuations can change quickly, so stay tuned to your local news sources too. Today at Winds will generally remain light and out of the west through the

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