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granted permission to leave the NBA’s restart bubble, the club does sell “LouWill lemon pepper BBQ wings”.

So? Clippers guard Lou Williams left the bubble. Williams still got a 10-day quarantine from the NBA. However, photos would soon surface on social media showing the star guard partying at a strip club with rapper Jack Harlow.

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Williams owned up to being in the club to NBA investigators.
Jack Harlow posted this and deleted this on his IG story yesterday https: ... Lou Williams fires back on Twitter at Kendrick Perkins for criticism originally appeared on The league isn’t going to permit players wantonly exiting and re-entering the bubble. After the Clippers' disappointing loss in the 2019-20 postseason, Williams accepted that their team was lacking chemistry despite having a talented roster.

Harlow tweeted that was an old picture with Williams (via TMZ): Williams posted to Instagram indicating he was attending a funeral or memorial service: The NBA has a vested interest in keeping its bubble free of coronavirus. Former NBA big man turned outspoken ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins said what a lot of people were thinking about Lou Williams: What were you thinking? Williams reportedly told NBA investigators that he would be attending a viewing for the father of a close family friend, Paul G. Williams, on July 23rd and later went to the Magic City Gentlemen’s Club for dinner. A photo tweeted by Lou Williams on July 24 confirmed his whereabouts, “Long Live Pops,” he captioned in the image. Los Angeles Clippers player Lou Williams will miss the first two games of the NBA season after admitting he went to an Atlanta strip club during an approved quarantine break to attend a funeral.

originally appeared on That wasn’t exactly a groundbreaking development.

Ain’t nobody partying. So did Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson and Rockets guard Austin Rivers. Ask any of my teammates what’s my favorite restaurant in Atlanta is. So. Lou Williams fires back on Twitter at Kendrick Perkins for criticism originally appeared on, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Voter advocates hoping to stave off intimidation at polls, Fast-food giants like Chipotle and Dunkin' are doubling down on TikTok. Williams insisted this was all about dinner — the club does sell “LouWill lemon pepper BBQ wings” — and that he was not hanging out in the club. Shut up. We are working with them to enable your sports experiences again as quickly as possible.

The COVID-19 policy issued by the NBA reports that Williams was tested for the virus each day that he was away from the Florida campus. It’s disturbing when a Rookie in Zion Williamson can act more Mature than NBA vet Lou Williams!!!

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BET Newsletters are sent by BET Networks, 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036., TRENDING IN Both Williams and Harlow are wearing a mask in the photo.

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