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This size is the average and most appropriate size for a wine bottle to be served in. It has the delicious flavors of blackberries, currants, plums, and mocha. It is a DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) region with many subregions.

Cabs are generally big, full-bodied, and tannic, and the wines made from them can age for years. Cabernet Franc has medium-tannins with flavors of plums, berries, and spice. Cabernet and Merlot are two of the most well-known and widely produced red wine varietals. It comes in the packaging of 750 ml in only solid cases. Montepulciano d'Abruzzo is a DOC (Denominazione di origine controllata) or DOCG Italian wine from the Abruzzo region.

However, in different parts of the world, many different flavored wines are made.
Sometimes, you will hear of red wines referred to by their popular regional names. It has an elegant bottle and an exceptional value. The country where it is produced in Argentina and the sub-region is Mendoza. This wine comes from the region of Italy known as Le Marche. Also, most people prefer it because it is a fruity drink. It has the mouth-watering aromas of berries, jam, and most importantly cocoa. While Burgundy is primarily Pinot Noir, it may also have some Gamay grapes blended in for balance. Chile, Australia, California, Washington State, and the Rhône region in France all produce single varietal and blended wines containing Syrah. Cabernet Franc originated in France and is used in single varietal, Bordeaux wines, and Bordeaux-style blends from around the world. Another Rhône Valley AOC wine, Côte-Rôtie is spicy, elegant, and fragrant. Barbera is almost exclusively used as a single varietal wine, and you will find some wine regions outside of Italy produce Barbera wines. It's a low-tannin red with soft plum flavors and zingy acidity.

It has 14.5 % alcohol content in it and is served in a 750 ml packaging bottle.

You may also find Cabernet Sauvignon blended in lesser amounts into wines such as Chianti and Priorat.

It is enriched with a beautiful balance between sugar levels and structure in the berries. Known in Spain as Garnacha, Grenache is often earthy, smoky, and soft.

This wine is perfectly balanced as it contains the full flavor of Italy which is expected of it as well as tantalized acidity and merely any clue of tannins to be present in it.

Therefore above is the list of the top ten red wines. Biotechnologist turned writer, with a special interest in story writing, fiction and lifestyle blogging. This astonishing red wine is matured with a balance of French and American oak that one will find a rewarding experience of intense flavors of blackberry and plum, with a lasting vanilla finish. It has the taste of raspberry, black cherry, clove, hibiscus, and licorice, mildly bitter undertone with a fruity wrap. On the serving note, keep in mind that most red wines are at their best when serving temperatures are between 60 to 65 F—serve them too warm and the taste of alcohol is overly evident, serve them too cold and they will quickly veer towards bitter and more astringent on the palate. On the nose, the rich aromas have a pronounced intensity with an initial scent of ripe fruits followed by gentle sweet notes of vanilla and spices. It is spicy, concentrated and fully fruited, with well-balanced tannins.

Its very inspiring. An example of a light-bodied red wine would be one derived from the Gamay grape varietal, such as France’s famed young red wine: Beaujolais Nouveau. If this page is missing important wine names … Named for the Denominación de Origen Calificada (DOCa) wine region, Rioja can contain multiple grapes although the main grape is Tempranillo. All Rights Reserved. For each major variety, please find herebelow: names, pronunciation, food pairings, production area, description, differences. On the nose, the rich aromas have a pronounced intensity with an initial scent of ripe fruits followed by gentle sweet notes of vanilla and spices. These wines tend to be less demanding partners with flavor-filled foods. A medium-bodied red wine will contain more tannins than the above Beaujolais Nouveau, but will not have near the pucker power of a high-powered California Cabernet Sauvignon or an Italian Super Tuscan. While it's impossible to list every red wine in the world, there are many common reds to learn about. Beaujolais is a sub-appellation of Bourgogne in France. You never know what hidden gem you will uncover.

While it is primarily recognized as an Italian wine grape found in Chianti, Sangiovese is also grown in other wine regions, such as the United States, and used to produce single-varietal named wines. These blends include non-traditional varietals that have been grown in the region in recent years, and there is great variety among the wines depending on the blends. Find below a list of some of the most praised, popular and famous wines in the world, with their respective region of origin and country, ordered alphabetically.

Their vineyards are located in the San Antonio valley which is a 1200 foot high mountain valley in the heart of Santa Lucia mountain range. It contains 30 percent Sangiovese, which makes it an easy drinking yet flavorful wine. It is intensely full and flavorful. Meritage wines are primarily found in the US (the term originated in California), although you may find them from other regions, as well. Try a Cabernet from Italy or a Pinot Noir from Spain. © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. This is because it plays a prime role on many occasions, be it a birthday party, dinner, a hosted evening, or any matter of felicity or grief – we consider wine as the perfect combination. Well-known wine blends that may contain Merlot include Meritage, Bordeaux, super Tuscans, and Priorat, among … They are primarily single varietal wines, often produced in the United States with particularly stellar varieties coming from Sonoma County. Its bottle is very stylish and graceful. Hermitage is also an AOC in the Rhône Valley, and it produces big, collectable reds that can be aged for decades. Authorized grapes in Rioja include the following: Priorat is also a Spanish DOCa making full-bodied reds primarily from the Garnacha (Grenache) grape.

It is produced from 100% family owned estates, Montoya Cabernet. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, The 12 Best Wines to Pair with Turkey in 2020, Sound Like a Sommelier: 15 Wine Tasting Terms to Know. One red and two white varieties are allowed in red Hermitage wines.

It has the breathtaking smells of sawdust, coconut, and black plum. Furthermore, it is not too heavy perhaps more people can drink it on most occasions. The best thing about red wines is that they have a little alcohol content in it and that is why it can be drunk at any time of the day ond at any occasion too. Like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot is both the name for the red wine grape as well as the single-varietal wines made from the grape. It is the grape skins that are responsible for the red wine’s distinct color spectrum. Cabernet Sauvignon is both a red wine grape and the name of the wine varietal that is made from the grape. In Italy, Primitivo is actually the same grape as Zinfandel, so wines labeled Primitivo are also Zinfandel wines. There are right around 50 key red wine varietals that consistently manifest themselves in today’s worldwide wine market. The flavor it has is simply mind-blowing.

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