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to make a sazerac cocktail (difford's recipe) use absinthe verte, chilled water, cognac, whiskey - rye whiskey 100 proof / 50% alc./vol., whiskey - bourbon whiskey, For fans of rye whiskey, this annual bottling is of those expressions that are…  More info, STRICTLY 1 PER CUSTOMER It's the Sazerac 18 Year Old rye whiskey from the Buffalo…  More info, Sazerac 18 Year Old Kentucky straight rye whiskey from the 2015 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection! Previous editions have been adored by many, including Jim Murray who gave the 2008 Sazerac 18 a…  More info, This is the 2012 release of Buffalo Trace's amazing Sazerac Rye Whiskey, this is a sure-fire winner for any fan of rye whiskies..  More info, The 2010 release of probably the most hotly anticipated whiskey to come out of America.

More info, A classic straight rye whiskey, named for the New Orleans coffee house which was the birthplace of the eponymous cocktail - the one and only Sazerac.

We’re proud to create spirits, cocktails, and experiences for every taste and occasion for people all across the globe. Genuine, fun-loving people across the globe have been enjoying Sazerac spirits together with friends for centuries. This means that the Sazerac is in the 45 percent ABV (90 proof) range and …

You must log in to your account to make a comment. The drink is most traditionally a combination of cognac or rye whiskey, absinthe, Peychaud's Bitters, and sugar, although bourbon whiskey is sometimes substituted for the rye and Herbsaint is sometimes substituted for the absinthe. The Sazerac is a beast of many flavors, born in the New Orleans bar scene in the 19th Century and washed in absinthe. Even if you dilute it slightly by stirring it with ice, the Sazerac cocktail is really no different than drinking the whiskey straight—it's merely enhanced.

The history of the Sazerac cocktail can be found on our Sazerac cocktail page. POUR absinthe into ice-filled glass, TOP with water and leave to stand. Sazerac 18 Year Old Straight Rye (2015 Release), Sazerac 18 Year Old Straight Rye (2014 Release), Sazerac 18 Year Old Straight Rye - Fall 2013, Sazerac Straight Rye 18 Year Old Whiskey (Fall 2010), Sazerac Straight Rye 18 Year Old Whiskey (Fall 2011), Sazerac Straight Rye 18 Year Old Whiskey (Fall 2009), Sazerac Straight Rye 18 Year Old Whiskey (Fall 2008). Over 450 of the world’s most extraordinary brands are part of the Sazerac family.

Separately THROW other ingredients with ice. The Sazerac Company started to bottle the cocktail in the 1890s, though with an altered recipe - they were using rye whiskey instead of French brandy, a change which happened when phylloxera started to dramatically affect the brandy’s production. DISCARD contents of glass (absinthe, water and ice - see comment below) and STRAIN thrown drink into absinthe-coated glass.

More info, The ultimate rye whiskey, whose 2008 predecessor was rated 97.5 points by Jim Murray, making it World Whisky of the Year. The Fall 2013 edition of the Sazerac 18 Year Old Straight Rye is here! The seven to one proportion used to rinse the glass produces a tasty chaser. Up until the late 1800s, it was made with French brandy as a base—Sazerac de Forge et Fils, to be exact—before bartenders switched to rye, the spirit newly arriving by the barge-load down the Mississippi. Some of our liquor brands have centuries of heritage, while others are new and exciting. The roots of the Sazerac Company, one of the largest distilling companies in the United States, go back to 1830s New Orleans, when Creole pharmacist Antoine Peychaud created his bitters (which would eventually become known as Peychaud’s Bitters).

Some claim it is the oldest known American cocktail, with origins in pre-Civil War New Orleans I've heard it said, You can tell a newly opened cocktail bar is successful when they need a second bottle of Angostura.... Irish whiskey tends not to be peated so usually lacks the subtle smoky notes associated with Scotch whisky, so making... © Copyright odd firm of sin 2020. Price per cocktail is an estimate based on the cost of making, Please confirm you are over 21 years old and enter your email, Reviews, Ratings & Our Rules of Engagement.

Sazerac 18 is a superb whiskey from Buffalo Trace's Antique Collection. Copyright © 2020 Master of Malt.

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