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When the RAF ordered Phantoms they considered a dedicated reconnaissance version. This combined with new inlets, a new canopy and huge bolt-on water tanks promised a mouth-watering 150% increase in power. According to Quill, certain of the American structural modifications adversely affected aircraft strength so ruling out this scheme for production. The throttle was smooth and responsive, but the propeller pitch lever was rather sensitive with large response to small movement. At least on the roads we’ve long since lost the double nickel (55 mph) speed limit. The Saab Draken was a Swedish fighter developed in the 1950s to counter Soviet bombers and their fighter escorts. North American F-86H-10-NH Sabre s/n 53-1380, code FU-380 alongside North American F-100A-20-NA Super Sabre s/n 53-1662, code FW-662. The upper tank held 48 gallons and the lower 37. Of 291 bombers in the October raid, 60 were shot down (21%) and 138 damaged, adding up to a total casualty rate of 68%. Note: Range and air miles per gallon (ampg) figures in normal font are from actual trials measurements. Some design features suitable for high speed flight are compatible with stealth, and occasionally a low radar cross section is arrived at by accident as a happy byproduct of aerodynamics and other considerations. Could the Spitfire have equalled the Mustang in range and capability as an escort? One of the fascinating features of this book was its strong belief in ‘round stealth’. Rewards levels include these packs of specially produced trump cards. This is extremely fast for a conventional helicopter, even today the fastest helicopters rarely go beyond 200mph (for reasons explained here). In actual operations, fuel allowances must be made for take-off, climb, head winds, combat and diversion. In the 1970s, the Israeli air force wanted a reconnaissance aircraft capable of carrying the extremely impressive HIAC-1 camera. Hush-kit readers voted for the best looking fighter aircraft currently in production. Looking at the Draken its hard not to wonder what the radar cross section of this sleek design would have been. The novel internal arrangement of the Bell / Boeing Tactical Tiltrotor. Imagine a world without Danny DeVito, Roger Daltrey and George Lucas. The Top Ten fictional aircraft is a fascinating read, as is The Strange Story and The Planet Satellite. It is not by chance that air travel numbers are struggling to keep up with population growth in the US. As for cost, please don’t offer up the long-past-its-use-by-date canard about deregulation leading to massively lower airfares so what can we expect other than massively poorer quality of service.
I picked up another copy today, as I was curious to see how well this book had stood the test of 23 years. Adding a 166-gallon drop tank significantly increased the Thunderbolt’s radius of action (though not to Mustang standards) and long-range escort missions were flown from April 1943. Adding the three external tanks (90 + 2 x 62) (j) takes the projected Mk IX beyond 2,300 miles and into the region where an escort mission to Berlin might have been possible. From the quartering front, one can observe the flat fuselage side making a right-angle to the plane of the wing, and the fin and tailplane, and tailplane and rear fuselage, doing the same. Stealth aircraft hide from radar in several ways,  one being the the use of aircraft’s shape to divert returning radar ‘spikes’ away from the hostile radar. Interviews with pilots of the F-14 Tomcat, Mirage, Typhoon, MiG-25, MiG-27, English Electric Lighting, Harrier, F-15, B-52 and many more.

Personal multi-channel seat back videos, for example (although mainly available internationally rather than domestically).
The MB2 (M-B-1/G-AEZD/P9594) first flew at Harwell on 3 August 1938; the MB3 R2492 first flew at Wing on 31 August 1942.

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