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what happened to zelah clarke

The ultimate Rochester and Jane was Timothy Dalton and Zelah Clarke. She also discovered that she was pregnant. . Knowing the book as I do, having studied it inside out since my teens, I can honestly say this version truly is the best! I have seen other adapations over the years and my favorite remains this one!

But I thought his performance in Episode Four, which featured Elizabeth’s announcement that she would leave Francis, seemed more controlled, yet properly emotional at the same time. I might as well come to the performances featured in Episodes One to Four. I saw the 1996 version and I really disliked that one.

Mind you, I regard Julian Fellowes’ series as the inferior series. Posts about zelah clarke written by ljones1966. The Toby Stephens version is definitely a good one although a little too dumbed down in my humble opinion. But Dalton pulls it off.

I found it difficult to get emotionally invested in the character. But I am here to discuss the first four episodes of the 1975 series. I love it because I believe completely in characters created by Dalton and Zelah… They are just as I imagined them while reading the book.

Having read the book in my teens and seen every movie version, I think it’s safe to say I am a huge fan of Jane Eyre and it never gets old. The following morning, Ross decided it would be better if Demelza no longer work at Nampara, so that he would not be tempted to have sex with her again. I do love the one with Toby Stephens & Ruth Wilson, as well as the one with Mia Wasikowska & Michael Fassbender (though in that one it bugs me to no end that they didn’t give Jane her blood family; it’s such a huge theme in the book! She understands how to portray an introvert. Every atom of might and magic that has reared Jane Eyre as a popular classic of English literature has successfully been captured in this film.What Brontë did not bring herself, Clarke and Dalton managed to translate in the limelight with stupendous intensity. Personally, I rather liked how Debbie Horsfield managed to set up a quasi-friendship between the two women in the new adaptation. While she is there, many strange things happen and eventually she... See full summary ». Most adaptations don’t have the time to show scenes from the book here.

“You pierce my soul. I think there’s something to typically enjoy from each one. Ross spent the last year or two as a prisoner-of-war, unaware that he had been declared dead. But I just didn’t like Zelah Clarke’s performance. Because of this scene, I give the production an extra point.

I’m retired now.. but you cannot imagine my thrill when I found this site and the essay about the 1983 Julian Ayres adaptation of Jane Eyre. And Zelah’s Jane is the nicest! Zelah must have been picked by the director (or whomever) because she could portray that kind of woman, a woman of substance and depth, not just a semi-attractive face with pretty eyes. He did not even meet Demelza until Episode Two. I appreciate it. I noticed that although the Warleggan family loomed menacingly in the background, only one member had made at least two appearances in these first four episodes – Nicholas Warleggan. Most versions haven’t even tried, thinking it too difficult to portray. ANCIENT PERIOD DRAMA REVIEWS (3600 B.C – 500 A.D.), THE MEDIEVAL PERIOD (500-1500) PERIOD DRAMA REVIEWS, THE RENAISSANCE AND ELIZABETHAN ERA (1400-1603) PERIOD DRAMA REVIEWS, THE GEORGIAN AND REGENCY ERAS (1750-1820), PRE-VICTORIAN AND THE VICTORIAN ERA (1820-1901), WWI, THE ROARING ’20s, THROUGH WWII (1914-1945). They also took their time in conveying the struggles of nearly everyone else in the neighborhood – the other members of the Poldark family, the Cynoweths, and especially the working-class. And the whole scenario regarding Ross’ suggestion that Elizabeth leave Francis and Demelza’s pregnancy boiled down to a long scene in which Ross informed Elizabeth of the situation and her angry reaction. If you had to pick the best adaptation of Jane Eyre, which one would you choose?

King Arthur (2004): The True Story That Inspired The Legend (Apparently), The Best Vampire Diaries’ Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best, The Top 35 Period Dramas To Satisfy Your Poldark Addiction, Sense and Sensibility: 3 Interesting Ways the Book and Film Differ, Romantic Moment of the Week: A Brief, Yet Tantalizing Touch Between Galadriel and Gandalf in The Hobbit. I’m retired now.. but this Amanda Topping is spot-on with her assessment. In this version, Ross became drunk following his failure to prevent his former farmhand Jim Carter from being sentenced to prison for poaching. I bought this version of ‘Eyre’ years ago and I’m surprised the DVD hasn’t melted!! Yeah, dalton definitely seems like the typical James Bond type. Although Dalton may be my favorite Rochester. The Silver Petticoat Book Club: Your October 2020 Read is ‘Rebecca’. One episode featured Francis’ violent encounter with Verity’s wannabee suitor, Captain Blamey and the other, a fight between Ross and his future father-in-law, Tom Carne. And it REALLY bothered me that she didn’t get dressed when Mason was attacked. I say all that to say that after seeing the excellent 1983 version, I never expect to like new ones, yet I like almost every one. And what happened? This economic struggle contributed to the slow decline of the aristocracy and the landed gentry for Cornish families like the Poldarks and the Chynoweths. . She finds herself intrigued by and attracted to Thornfield's owner, the dark, sardonic (natch) Mr. Rochester.

But I have since atoned the error of my ways. I simply found him rather colorful. It foreshadows the doom of the proposal, while also presenting Jane’s true feelings and Rochester’s intense, almost obsessive love. We take your privacy seriously.

Thanks for the “10 Fantastic Reasons…”. Jane is about to accept John Rivers' proposal when she hears Rochester's voice calling her. This episode reminds me of an Anne Shirley spectacle: if she was brought to a horrible school instead of the loving Matthew and Marilla. In Ross’ fight with Carne, the 17 year-old Demelza got into the melee (which did not happen in the novel), allowing her to spout some nonsense about women’s right in one of those “a woman’s travails” speeches that came off as . The shots focus on Jane lovingly touching the face of the now outwardly ‘beastly’ Rochester. But unlike some who only have one favorite, I really think each version brings something unique to the table.

Although this version has the advantage of time to devote to the book while the others are limited to two-hour versions. She has a Humanities and Film Degree from BYU, co-created The Silver Petticoat Review, has contributed as a writer to various magazines, and is currently earning her Masters in Publishing from Pace University.

His Jane is annoying, though gets better as the episode progress. A few years ago, I had tried a stab at the first episode of the 1975-1977 series, “POLDARK”, which starred Robin Ellis. It’s easy to overlook this story that works as a foil to Jane and Rochester’s love story. There’s a certain elegance it has, which I’ve not found in other versions. Apparently, the series’ producers and screenwriter Jack Pulman must have found Graham’s portrayal of this situation hard to swallow and decided to change the circumstances leading to Ross and Demelza’s marriage.

This has always been my favorite, ever since I saw the episodes after school every day for a week back in the 80s. Some have compared the production to the 1939 film, “GONE WITH THE WIND”. Clive Francis’ portrayal of Francis Poldark struck me as somewhat subdued or a bit on the cold side – except in two scenes. Although Timothy Dalton IS Mr. Rochester, I really like Ciaran Hinds rendition. One of them featured Francis’ near death inside the Wheal Leisure mine, when he feared Ross would allow him to drown.

Thankfully, the screeching ceased in the second half of Episode Three. If I haven’t convinced you yet to watch the 1983 Jane Eyre adaptation, let me point out I think Timothy Dalton is every bit as good as Toby Stephens from the 2006 miniseries (something I never thought I’d say), and perhaps even a little bit closer to the character in the book. Last summer, I read all of the hullaballoo surrounding this new adaptation with Aidan Turner in the lead.

Two sisters of opposing temperaments find love and some heartbreak in Jane Austen's 18th century classic. She was extremely intelligent and passionate, yet bound by convention in more ways than one.

The only possessions Ross has left are his father’s estate, Nampara, which is now in ruins, two mines that had been closed for some time and two servants – the drunken Jud and Prudie Paynter – to help him work the estate. Anyone familiar with Graham’s novels know that the 1975 adaptation is not accurate. Required fields are marked *. Post-20th Century Adaptations of Pre-20th Century Literature, Deene Park, Deene, Northamptonshire, England, UK. Thank you for highlighting this sometimes forgotten adaptation. Dalton often gets overlooked in performances, despite his undeniable talent. Hi, Lynn! In fact, I have decided to watch both versions simultaneously. “POLDARK” SERIES ONE (1975): EPISODES ONE TO FOUR. By the end of Episode Four, Pulman and Barry had firmly established hostility between the two women. As for Elizabeth’s willingness to leave Francis for Ross . Amber fell in love with stories and imagination at an early age. The “Jane Eyre” of Charlotte Bronte with Timothy Dalton was magnificent and loved this version more than the movie or any other. Just about every adaptation ignores this whole side story but not this one. The 1983 version is the first I saw and all other Jane Eyre movies have suffered for it. Yes, I found some of the performances a bit theatrical. . A young governess falls in love with her mysterious employer, but a terrible secret puts their happiness at risk. Which included calling Demelza a whore. Fortunately, she stopped him from committing such a stupid act. I loved her more as Jane Eyre than as Susan Nipper in the only BBC adaptation of Dickens’ ‘Dombey and Son.’.

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