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You may want a printed map to take with you. Can my child go to daycare during the COVID-19 pandemic? Digital map data is the underlying data used to create maps. During World War II, Yukon experienced a second boom with U.S. military projects such as the construction of the Alaska Highway, stretching from Alaska to Alberta and representing a new overland route through Yukon. With the gold rush came miners and gold seekers from all over Canada and beyond, disrupting the peace that the indigenous people, such as the Athapaskan Indians, had enjoyed for centuries. Yukon 511 Trip Planner: Distances between key locations within the Yukon All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, The 10 Least Densely Populated Places in the World. In the mid-1980s, every producing mine in the territory closed as a result of poor market conditions. History buffs can experience Yukon's past by following the trails of the gold rush miners and visiting Dawson City to relive the famous Klondike Gold Rush.

At the peak of the gold rush, the nearby settlement of Dawson flourished making it the largest city in Canada west of Winnipeg. What Happened To Germanwings Flight 4U9525?

Apply for a Yukon hire, or goods and services rebate with the Business Incentive Program. Around 1840, two explorers from the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) arrived in the area with the aid of maps and information from Sir John Franklin and other early European explorers. This data is also known as GIS data, geographic information, spatial or geospatial data. Yukon continued to prosper during its first few years as an official territory, but by 1906 there was little gold left for individual miners to recover. Get Yukon-specific updates to the Canadian electric code. With Northwest Indian peoples representing approximately 25% of the province's population of 31,000 people, tourists can interact with Yukon natives whose cultural and linguistic traditions are more than 1,000 years old. Residents of canada may now enter the yukon. This northern Canadian territory's history is marked by what is often regarded as the world's greatest gold rush.

Google Maps is great when you have a full signal in your hotel room or around the communities, but when road tripping or wilderness hiking, we recommend downloading or printing out a backup map. Today, Yukon remains a popular tourist destination for outdoors types with its scenic landscapes, historic culture and adventure-inspiring wilderness.For nature lovers, Yukon offers celestial light shows, crimson tundra, mountain ranges bursting with wildlife, four of the Canadian Heritage Rivers and majestic national parks like the Kluane, Ivvavik, and Vuntut National Parks. It is believed that ancestors of the Amerindians crossed a bridge over the Bering Sea from Asia approximately 10,000 to 25,000 years ago, establishing the Yukon as the first inhabited region of Canada. Border restrictions apply, please visit for more details. It is believed that ancestors of the Amerindians crossed a bridge over the Bering Sea from Asia approximately 10,000 to 25,000 years ago, establishing the Yukon as the first inhabited region of Canada. The depletion of gold resulted in a population that plummeted from 27,219 in 1901 to 8,502 in 1911. Government of Yukon produces printable or interactive maps. Artistic talent and creativity-provoking Canadian landscapes combine to create Yukon's uniquely vibrant cultural scene. Learn how to clean and disinfect your workplace, Long-term care visitation guidelines: COVID-19, Notice to miners arriving in Yukon for work, Operating businesses, services and events safely during COVID-19, Organizing a safe activity or event during COVID-19, Personal service establishment guidelines: COVID-19, Physical distancing guidelines for businesses, Public pools reopening guidelines: COVID-19, Recreation, fitness and entertainment guidelines: COVID-19, Reopening food premises guidelines: COVID-19, Temporary changes to mining and prospecting requirements, Vulnerable populations: COVID-19 guidance, Yukon COVID-19 guidelines for retail businesses, Yukon COVID-19 summer day camp guidelines, Civil Emergency Measures Act ministerial authorizations, Health response plan for Yukon communities: COVID-19, Read transcripts from the Facebook live COVID-19 updates, Plan for COVID-19 health response: Yukon communities, Where we're at: lifting COVID-19 restrictions, Application for alternative self-isolation plan, Find out who can use the self-isolation facility, Mental health and wellness support during COVID-19, Physical distancing guidelines for home and work, Apply for extended heath care benefits and Pharmacare for seniors, Cannot care of yourself: get temporary financial protection, Find decision-making and legal tools for adults, Find out which medical travel costs our health plan covers, Get a referral to the Chronic Conditions Support Program, Get occupational therapy or physiotherapy for your disabled child, Get reimbursed for chronic disease or disability expenses, Get someone to make your financial and personal decisions, How to check into your telehealth appointment with a doctor, Learn about the seniors and elders Community Day Program, Plan for your future health care decisions, Register for a chronic condition workshop, Register for an exercise program for people with chronic conditions, Register for blood pressure and heart disease support programs, Register for chronic lung condition rehabilitation, Register for the diabetes wellness series, Book a smoking, vaping or pot awareness presentation for youth, Find information about coronavirus (COVID-19), Find information about sex education programs, Find novel coronavirus information for health professionals, Find out about Health effects of extreme heat events, Find out about the health effects of smoke exposure, Find out about tobacco and vaping products legislation, Get testing and treatment for an infectious disease, Information about novel coronavirus for Yukoners, Learn about radon testing in Yukon schools, Learn about water testing in Yukon schools, Find resources to help you make healthy food choices, Learn about food safety at work and at home, How to reduce alcohol-related risks while entertaining, Find information on Opioid guidelines for health professionals, Find out about blood and body fluid exposure management, Find out about ebola guidelines for health professionals, Find out about influenza guidelines for health professionals, Find out about outbreak management in residential and acute care settings, Find out about sexually transmitted infection guidelines for health professionals, Find out about the TB Control Manual for health professionals, Find out about the communicable disease guidelines for health professionals, Find out how to help parents of children with birth defects, Find the payment schedule for Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan, Information for health professionals about immunization, Get support for mental health and addictions, Compare energy efficient heating options in Yukon, Construction concepts for building in Yukon, Find Yukon energy costs and heating appliance efficiency, Find area development (zoning) regulations, Find out if you can generate wind energy on your property, Get Yukon-related updates to the National Building Code, Get Yukon-specific advisories on the 2015 National Building Code.
Yukon Highway Map Download pdf picto. Adult with COVID-19 symptoms: go to work or stay home? Communal living recommendations during COVID-19, Faith-based services guidelines: COVID-19, Fitness studios and gyms guidelines: COVID-19, Funerals and death care services: COVID-19 guidelines, Guidance for Farmers’ Markets and sales of locally grown/produced food: COVID-19, Guidance for retail food and grocery stores: COVID-19, Guidelines for emergency and urgent dental care, Guidelines for food vending vehicles: COVID-19, Guidelines for reopening public pools: COVID-19, Guidelines for work camps during COVID-19, Guidelines on sport and recreation: COVID-19, How Yukon Housing follows COVID-19 safety guidelines, Hunting outfitting operations during COVID-19. Interactive maps allow you to view current map data to get more information. Maps; Symbols; Yukon History.
Visitor Information Centres Download pdf picto. Between 1897 and 1904, over $100 million worth of gold was uncovered from the depths of the Yukon River. Only miniscule amounts of gold had been mined prior to this discovery, thus leading to the great gold rush of 1897. Trapping emerged as an important activity in the 1930s as a result of high fur prices, but the economy continued to struggle and only 4,914 people were counted in the 1941 census.

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